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The Spartan Warriors

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I. Introduction.
In society today the term “warrior” is used loosely and sometimes even associated with an athlete training for a specific event. By the fourth century B.C., Sparta designed a culture solely for training soldiers, a warrior culture. The problem with the design of a warrior culture is not in the fighting capabilities of the group, but in the artistic legacy that was lost during the life of a fighting culture.
II. Body.
1. Historical Background
a.     Prior to the Messenian War
b.     After the Messenian War
2. Training
a.     Age and Sex
b.     Way of life
3. Politics
a.     Women in Sparta
b.     Constitution
c. Lycurgus
4. Significant Battles
a.     Battle of Marathon
     b. Battle of Thermopylae
     c. Battle of Plataea
d.     The Peloponnesian War
5. Sparta without a war
a. Shortcomings
b.     Battle of Leuctra
6. Summary
III. Conclusion
The training regiments and social structure of the Spartans were geared towards building the strongest men and nation physically, but without the artistic and political training, the warriors or Sparta were unable to bring the Grecian empire together. History remembers so much from the philosophy teachings of Socrates and the Athenian paintings, dishes, and sculptures, but little is remembered about the other superpower in Greece and of the warriors of Sparta.

In society today the term “warrior” is used loosely and sometimes even associated with an athlete train...

... middle of paper ...

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