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The Pleasure of Drugs

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The Pleasure of Drugs

The Oxford Dictionary defines pleasure. It is a feeling of satisfaction or joy. It
is enjoyment. It is a source of pleasure or gratification. It is formally a persons will or
desire. Finally they define it as sensual gratification. Now if we put these all together
in one sentence, pleasure is something that brings an overall feeling of satisfaction and
gratification while fulfilling desires. If that doesn’t sound good, what does? We have
already determined that people naturally are drawn to altered states of consciousness.
Its a fact that we are drawn to that which feels altered. It starts at a young age and
hypothetically we realize the world of drugs and their ability to enhance normality by
young adulthood. When we add in the pleasure principle to that already sought out
feeling, you get something that feels so amazing, and is also potentially addictive.
It is important to acknowledge the overpowering seductiveness and appeal of
drugs. Because some drugs directly affect the way that the brain works and operates,
the ecstasy that results can be overwhelming. This is exactly where society comes into
play. If someone can only feel that sort of pleasure from the high of heroin or that
calmness from a cigarette, why would they want to stop? What would their alternative
be? It would be the pain of withdrawal and the numbness that they felt before they
discovered the high. I can only liken my drug theory to a circle, bec...

... middle of paper ...

...ody and the mind as well. Addiction is prevalent when the user
can’t simple walk away from the drug and not miss it in some way or feel some type of
withdrawal. We have to also understand that it is ok to feel the pleasure that drugs
give to us. I will never condemn the use of drugs for recreational purposes, however
we must each individually take responsibility for our own health and know when it is
time to step away from a drug. Drug use does not always lead to addiction, but
because pleasure is such a powerful drug within itself, it is easy to become dependent
on something synthetic. Rather than relying on drugs for that pleasure high it is
important to seek out other things besides drugs that induce the same types of pleasure.

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