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The Dobe Ju/' hoansi

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The Dobe Ju/' hoansi

     Ch 10: The Ju/' hoansi & their neighbors
o     The Ju/'hoansi share the Dobe area with the Herero and Tswana pastorals.
o     They grow crops and have herds yet are all based on kinship and are don't have developed markets or governments.
o     Herero's are the largest groups of in the Dobe area. They are Bantu speaking people.
o     Were influenced by the German missionaries who pushed them out of their land. They attacked colonists and Germany declared war, ultimately killing 60% of them.
o     Working on Herero cattle posts is major source of employment of the Ju.
o     With the H& T's came major ecological changes.
o     Wells were deepened to ensure water supply for stock and were also fenced in.
o     Has created more sanitary water but less is available. Goats have also destroyed the grass. And each cattle post now has a permanent population of houseflies.
o     Working for the Herero's gives a Ju a donkey to ride as well as an outfit. Wages are minimum but it offers a calf in the long run and ability to offer relatives hospitality.
o     Intermarriage is common with Ju women marry Black men.
o     Advantages- Ju woman are in the ar...

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