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HLS 201

Summary of the Gospel of Life

Jesus’ message of the Gospel of Life shows that in “new” and “eternal” life human life achieves its full significance.
Every human person has greatness and inestimable value. The Gospel encompasses God’s love for man, the dignity of the person, and the Gospel of life.
Every individual is entrusted to the maternal care of the Church. Thus the Church feels all threats to life. Whatever opposes life poisons human society and is a supreme dishonor to the Creator.
The threats to human life are expanding. Crimes against life have taken a more sinister character. Choices against life and morality are becoming socially and political acceptable. This makes it more difficult to distinguish between good and evil in the value of human life.
Pope John Paul II wrote the Gospel of Life in communion with all the bishops. It is a reaffirmation in the Church of the value of human life and the need for all to respect, protect, love, and serve every life.
Pope John Paul II wants all to be people of life and to mediate upon and proclaim the Gospel of life. With this a new civilization of truth and love will flourish.

Chapter I: The Voice of Your Brother’s Blood Cries to Me from the Ground
God created man for incorruption; only through the devil’s envy did death enter the world. Violent death entered through Cain’s anger and envy of Abel.
Man was not predestined to evil. Murder is a violation of the “spiritual” kinship uniting mankind. People must accept responsibility for their brothers and sisters, though they rarely do today. There is great indifference.
Life belongs to God. When it is attacked, it attacks God himself. God cannot leave crime unpunished. However not even a murderer loses his personal dignity, this is the mystery of God’s justice.
God wants people to realize the extent and gravity of the attacks against life, for them to discover the causes and consequences. Some are from nature, made worse by inattention; others are the result of violence, hatred, and conflicting interest, leading to murder, war, slaughter, and genocide. There are incalculable threats to human life today, both explicit and hidden.
There are attacks against the natural rights of humans by the crimes against them. There is a crisis of culture.
The structure of sin causes the culture of death. There is a war of the powerful against the we...

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... a new culture of life we are inspired and sustained by the confidence that comes from knowing that the gospel of life like the kingdom of god itself is growing and producing abundant fruit.
101.     The gospel is not just for believers but for everyone. Jesus came to save everyone. It is to be actively pro-life and is to contribute to the renewal of society.

102.     We look to Lord Jesus, the source of new life. Mary is also part of the Gospel of life. She is the mother of all who are reborn to life. She is the incomparable model of how life should be treated.
103.     The relationship between Mary and the Church is a great mystery. Mary is the Mother of God and shows a pure vocation to motherhood. The Church has a spiritual motherhood.
104.     Mary helps the Church to realize that life is the center of the great struggle between good and evil. The rejection of human life is a rejection of Christ.
105.     Mary’s life is protected by God. Mary is a comfort for the Church in her struggle against death. Mary is “a sign of sure hope and solace.”

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