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Sociology of Language

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McCall defines sociology of language by explaining "Language plays a central role in social relations. Not only are the interactions between people explained and understood in terms of language, but those interactions themselves, more often than not, take on linguistic form. If a society is seen as the coming together of different categories of people to appropriate, organize, produce, distribute, subsist, and in some cases, exclude and oppress other groups, language is central to all these activities."
Knowing all this we see how important language is in every interaction we make with other people and how important it is to a discipline like sociology. But what exactly does this mean to sociology? It means several things, it means that new languages will disappear and be created in a juxtaposition with culture, and that we can tell that a societal disturbance has occurred by observing a change in language and dialect. McCall uses Scotland as an example having lost its original language and having it replaced with "Scottish" an English dialect because the English had conquered them.
McCall's study of the Quebec work place has produced some interesting results. In his study his objective was to find out how much use of the French language was actually going on in the workplace, in a social context and a professional context. What he found varied according to the industry and position within the company itself. McCall describes three different economic sit...

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...Quebec especially the way he point out that white collar work is done almost exclusively in French. The angry anglophones would probably argue about the loss of their rights with sign laws and law 101. Both McCall and Kymlicka would probably argue that these steps were necessary to keep Quebec francophone communities viable.
In all these articles create a wealth of information about what is happening with French and English in Canada, Quebec, and Montreal. With what we've read we can explain what is happening to industry, politics and society in general by these important language issues. We also have a good grasp of linguistic history in Canada, and the historical causes for all these critical issues in our presently multicultural Canada.

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