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Simon Bolivar

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     Simon Jose Antonio de la Santisima Trinidad Bolivar was born in Caracas on July 24, 1783 to don Juan Vicente Bolivar y Ponte y dona Maria de la Concepcion Palacios y Blanco. Simon received an excellent education from his tutors, Simon Rodriquez and Andres Bello. By the age of nine Bolivar lost both his parents, and was being taken care of by his uncle don Carlos Palacios. At the age of fifteen in 1799 he traveled to Spain to receive a better education. In Spain, Bolivar met Maria Teresa Rodriquez del Toro y Alaysa, they married in 1802. Right after Bolivar and his new wife returned to Venezuela, she died of malaria or yellow fever. Her death greatly effected Bolivar, he vowed not to marry again, and became a political and military figure.

In Europe

     Napoleon Bonaparte was the Emperor of France, and was crowned as King of Italy. In 1808 Napoleon conquered Spain and chose his brother Joseph as the King of Spain. This created a large revolt in Spain known as the Peninsular Wars. In Spain many small groups were formed to fight against the new king. On the other hand in S. America the groups were formed to fight against the Spanish King and Joseph Bonaparte. That year Caracas, Bolivar hometown, declared independence from Spain.


In 1808 Bolivar, Bello and Mendez were sent to England on a diplomatic mission. It was a failed attempt to gain an alliance. He returned to Venezuela in 1811...

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