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Mexico culture

     Have you ever been to Mexico and wonder how their culture really is? Here it is from previous experiencing it in real life. I found out how unique Mexico culture is. Mexican have so much pride in their family that they even have a great education program, and in their life style.
     Mexican people believe that the family sticks together no matter what. In a family there is one person in charge, meaning the father or the man of the house. Also in a family when something has to be decided the man of the house will have the answer,but only he will decide whats best. As a family, they will move ,but the father would have to recommend it. No one in the family can leave without the permission of the father. The man of the house is responsible to make sure that there is food for the family and also to take care of his family, including his own parents. Mexican familis know who is in charge and they stand proud for it.
     Mexican education has been said to be one grade higher then the United States. (Witch I found to be true in some subjects especially in math.) Mexico’s education is different because you have to pay just to attend school at any grade level. They also get out around 12:45pm. Then about 2:30pm they have to attend this CCD program school. This class is required to attend for five years, and every year they must pass this class to advance to the next grade level in CC...

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