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Essay about Internet Gambling

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Internet Gambling

Being awaken every morning at 7:00 am by creditors wanting their money may be one of the most depressing experiences. If the U.S. congress passes the bill allowing all forms of online gambling, many more people may experience creditor harassment. “Gambling is like a drug, just one hit and the addiction starts” (Perkinson). Over the past decade State governments have been fighting hard to raise the gambling age to twenty-one in casinos, now they want to legalize online gambling at age 18. Online gambling should not be legalized due to irresponsible people, the chance of online casinos being fraudulent, the raise in credit debt, underage kids gambling and the fact that gambling is addictive.

     As long as there has been a red, white, and blue flag flying in our country, gambling has had a presence. The United States has had a long history of allowing some form of legal gambling, and a degree of tolerance of illegal gambling. The acceptance of gambling has been known to change rapidly in the past. The cause of this was due to scandals and political control by gaming interests led to backlashes. This then resulted in the regulation or prohibition of gambling. The history of gambling in our country can be split up into three waves. The first wave began during the colonial period and lasted until the mid 1800's. The second wave started at the end of the Civil War and lasted until about 1900. The third wave started during the Great Depression and is currently going strong. The length and size of the current wave is characterized as an explosion, not a wave due to the popularity of gambling. The first two waves of gambling died out due to the resurfacing of morals and scandals in gaming. Basically, people can live with adverse odds, but cant handle cheating. So what could possibly end the third explosion of gambling? I don’t have the exact answer to that, but if lotteries became fraudulent or a sports player would rather win a bet than the game, society could see a huge downfall in gambling. (Rose)

     The worlds first virtual online casino, Internet Casinos, Inc.(ICI) commenced operation on August 18, 1995 with 18 different casino games, online access to the National Indian Lottery, and plans to launch an internet sports book. In all, according to Rolling Good Times Online gambling magazine, there are between 1500 to 2000 gambling-r...

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..., and in fact illegal in many countries.

Perkinson, Robert R. Teenage Gambling. 12 Jan. 2005. 19 Apr. 2005
Perkinson is a Ph.D and helps people deal with thier addictions through
therapy. He describes why people have addictions and what can be done to
try to treat them. Also, a storry of a 16 year old boy who has his
family in thousands of dollars in debt due to online gambling

Swartz, Jon. 3 states may legalize online gambling. Online posting. 15 Mar. 2005. USA Today. 05 Apr. 2005 .

Article talks about the profit the government can make through the legalization. Kasper says legalized Internet poker could bring in millions through taxes and fees......Thats alot.

Tech, Duke L. online gambling. Online posting. 20 June 2001. 07 Apr. 2005 .

Deals with the confidentiality of accounts. Anotherwords states how easy it would be to steal someones account, or just remember thier password, and then run up a large bill on their credit card

yglesias, Mattew. Dont take away online gambling. Online posting. 22 Feb. 2005. 06 Apr. 2005 .

Forum talks about how addictive online gambling is, people who made post's refer to online texas hold em as online crack

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