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East Meets the West in Two Kinds by Amy Tan

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Amy Tan‘s ―Two Kinds‖ is a tale of a young Chinese girl‘s life as an adolescent and the
influence that her mother has on her growing up. Coming from a first-generation immigrant
Korean family, I can‘t help but completely relate to growing up around that type of ―support.‖
Although my parents were fairly westernized in their way of thinking, we had an aunt living with
us whom we affectionately called the Tiger Aunt growing up. Having no natural children of her
own, she treated my siblings and me as if we were her own children and pretty much had free
rein to direct us and help to raise us in any way that she wanted, which was with a very
traditional and old fashioned perspective. Tan‘s use of dialogue, symbolism, and the description
of the mother‘s thoughts and behaviors all take me back many years ago to when I was an
adolescent growing up around my aunt and the way that I‘m able to completely relate to the
narrator‘s point of view. I find these similarities to be amazing.

In ―Two Kinds,‖ the dialogue that is used by the narrator‘s mother is one of the biggest...

... middle of paper ... towards her, I realized several years after the fact that my
aunt wanted nothing but for me to have all the opportunities that everybody else had. As I read
over Amy Tan‘s ―Two Kinds,‖ I am taken back by the eerie similarities with my own life in the
dialogue used for this piece, the many symbols, and especially the way life was viewed upon by
both the narrator and her mother.

Work Cited

Tan, Amy. "Two Kinds.‖ Literature: Craft & Voice. Eds. Nicholas Delbanco and Alan Cheuse.
Vol. 1. New York: McGraw Hill, 2010. 43-48. Print.

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