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Negative Effects of Media Violence on Children

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Americans have felt a growing uneasiness from the growing problem of youth violence
with teens from the ages of twelve to eighteen. It is a controversial subject that is an
increasingly rising with families and the in the government. Some people believe that the
reason behind this national problem is because families are no longer a united unit and are not
home to take responsibility of watching their children. There are others who believe that it is
the influence of the media and technology. The issue this paper will examine whether youth
violence has risen from unattached parenting or because the lack of censorship and influence of
the media. Through the presentation of documented support, it will be shown the rising rate of
youth violence is the result of the lack of censorship of the media.

According to psychologist Craig Anderson, research shows that violent video games,
films, television, and music in the media increase the probability of violent and aggressive
behavior in long-term and immediate situations within youth (81). In the start of this decade ...

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