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Christmas Shopping Chaos

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     Few events require as much skill and as much use of the five senses, or six if there is another sense (which can only give its possessor the upper hand at this highly competitive time), as Christmas shopping. Sight must be incorporated in the thrilling hunt for the perfect parking space, or in event of its absence, a parking space. Looking for empty spaces, cars leaving spaces, cars that will dart in front of other cars for a space, and gauging distance to dart in front of another car for a parking space. Also to be seen upon entering the shopping facility, usually a mall, are the large ornaments, lights, and other decorations reminding you of the season and why you are there. The crowds will be undeniably large and present even more obstacles, being able to see these obstacles is necessary. Avoiding bumping in to people as much as possible is good, they are probably already cranky enough without unwanted physical contact. One must also be able to see the target or targets (items to be purchased) in order for the mission to be a success.
     Going in groups or pairs is part of a well laid shopping plan. Doing this will require a lot of communication, making listening a key for success. Listen to those in the group to find out where everyone is going. The chatter from the crowds, and the constant stream of Christmas carols coming from unseen speakers can be distracting. Also there will be a lot of tired children who expr...

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