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     I will be telling you my short little paper on the
History of Anesthesia. I will be telling what some
terms mean that will be used in anesthesia history.
Also I will be telling a some dates from years before
our time on how anesthesia came from and who was
there, and what drugs came out.
     First I will be starting out with several definition
of the term anesthesia. The absence of normal
sensitiation, especially to pain, as induced by an
anesthetic substance or by hypnosis or as occurs with
traumatic or pathophysiologic damage to nerve tissue.
Anesthesia induced for medical or surgical purposes
may be topical, local, regional, or general and is
named for the anesthetic agent used, the method of the
procedure followed, or the area or organ anesthetized.
The people who are permitted to give anesthesia to a
patient is an anesthesiologist or a Certified
Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). (Mosby’s Pocket
Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, and Allied Health)
There is also two different ways of describing
Anesthesia you could either call it anesthesia or
In the next couple paragraphs I will be going over
ways on how anesthesia would be given to a patient who
will be going under a surgery.
     General anesthesia is the most common way that
anesthesia is given to a patient. The absence of
sensation and consciousness as induced by various
anesthetic agents, given by inhalation or intravenous
injection. Most of the time a general anesthesia is
given to the patient through an IV to the patient.
     Local anesthesia is another common way of inducing a
patient. The administration of a local anesthetic
agent into tissues to induce the absence of sensation
in a small area of the body. Topical anesthesia is a
surface analgesia produced by application of a topical
anesthetic in the form of a solution, gel, or ointment
to the skin, mucous membrane, or cornea. Regional
anesthesia is an anesthesia of an area of the body by
injecting a local anesthetic to block a group of
sensory nerve fibers. Next one would be a caudal
anesthesia which would an injection of an agent into
the caudal part of the epidural space through the
sacral hiatus to anesthetize sacral and lower lumbar
nerve roots.
An epidural anesthesia is an injection A type of
regional block in which a local     anesthetic is injected into the

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...imetry added to the
standards for basic monitoring when it comes to an
anesthestized patient. 1992 Desflurane was finally
made that it could be used clinically. Desflurane is
one the anesthesia drugs that must be heated because
it is unsable in room temperature. 1994 Sevoflurane
also was passed to be used in a clinically stable
medical field. 1995 House of Delegates of the ASA
approves Practice Guidelines for Preoperative
Transesphageal Echocardiography. 1996 End trial
carbon dioxide monitoring added to the standards for
basic monitoring. End trial carbon dioxide can also
be used as EtCO2. Also in this year the Bispectral
Index Monitoring System approved for Clinical use.
House of the ASA approves Practice Guidelines for
Office Based Anesthesia. Last thing in this year
Rapacuronium used clinically and it is also always
known as a IV drug.


The American Heritage Dictionary of the English
Language, 3rd. Edition. 21 November 1846

Longnecker, David E., Murphy, Frank L. Introduction to
Anesthesia. Copyright 1997

Dorsch, Jerry A., Susan E. Understanding Anesthesia
Equipment Construction, Care, and Complications (3rd.
Edition). Copyright 1993

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