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Alzheimers Disease Health Promotion Case Study

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Alzheimer's Disease Health Promotion Case Study
Part 2: Gender, Culture, and Developmental Stages

February 18,1999

Gender, Culture, and Developmental Stages
     This section will discuss the impact of Alzheimer's disease on racial, cultural, and gender variables, with the focus being on the various approaches to care of the disease. Developmental stages and tasks will be discussed for both the client and the caregiver.
Gender and Culture
     Alzheimer's disease and related dementias affect all races, ethnicities and cultures equally. (Anonymous, 1998) Of people over 65 an estimated 6-10% will be affected by some form of dementia. (Hendrie, 1998) It is only in gender where we see slightly more women than men who are affected by this destructive illness. (Lautenschlager et al., 1996) The only controllable risk factor that is known at this point is cigarette smoking. In a large study in Germany smoking cigarettes doubled the risk of dementia in the older population. (Ott et al., 1998)
     Alzheimer's disease patients can survive for 3-20 or more years. It is not the AD that kills the patient, rather it is diseases of aging and/or inactivity, with pneumonia being the leading cause at 70%. This is followed by heart disease, stroke, and cancer. (Thomas, Starr, & Whalley, 1997)
Cultural Differences

... middle of paper ...

...he oldest old? Neurology, 46(3), 641-650.
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     Thomas, B. M., Starr, J. M., & Whalley, L. J. (1997). Death certification in treated cases of presenile Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia in Scotland. Age & Ageing, 26(5), 401-406.

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