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Child Observation Report

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Confidential Material Detailed report of five observations.
The names used in this Observation Report are fictitious. This is absolutely necessary to protect the privacy of the children being observed.

Observation #1: Ron and aggression

Date and time: Wednesday April 16, 2014; 11:25-12:50

Setting: Playground for 1st/2nd grade recess 11:25-11:50, 3rd/4th grade 11:55-12:20, Kindergarten recess 12:25-12:50

Activities observed: Children climbing across the climbing rings, watching children pretend play at the tire mountain and under the large wooden play structure with the blue plastic slide.

My interaction with the children: I spent a lot of time answering questions about my name and where I am from for the children.

Example A:

There was one child named “Ron” on the first recess who was racing across the
rings with another child, lost the race and fell to the ground. He then started to cry and
called himself a loser. I pulled him aside to try to talk to him to find out what was wrong.
He kept telling me that he was a loser because he didn’t win the race and he never wins,
and that “all my friends think I am a loser because I cry all the time. They make fun of
me because I cry. They beat me up. I am a loser.” I tried to reassure him and tell him I
did not think he was a loser. I explained how...

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