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Types and uses of soft woods, hard woods and manufactured boards.

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Types and uses of soft woods, hard woods and manufactured boards.


They come from trees that possess seed-bearing cones - known as
coniferous trees. Coniferous trees are evergreens - they keep their
leaves and grow all year round - and usually have needle-like leaves.
They tend to be less expensive than hardwoods. Coniferous trees are
also adapted to a wider range of climates than hardwoods.

White Pine-
Millwork, cabinets, furniture, toys, paper, siding, paneling.

Construction lumber, paper.

Balsam Fir-
Construction lumber, paper

Construction lumber, pallet, paper.

They come from broadleaved, flowering. The term has no reference to
the actual hardness of the wood. They grow in warmer climates and tend
to be more expensive than softwoods.

Woods and Their Uses:

Furniture, shop fitting, floors, veneers, joinery. Because the term
Mahogany covers a variety of timbers the colours and working
properties of each individual type may vary.

Expensive, high-class furniture, veneers, internal and external

Tool handles, rolling pins, cricket bats, ladders.

Kitchen surface tops, indoor chairs, floors, wooden toys, plywood and
turned products.

Red Oak-
Furniture, flooring, cabinets, millwork, woodenware.

White Birch-
Turnings, woodenware, spools, tongue depressors.

Yellow Birch-
Furniture, cabinets, veneer, woodenware.

Red Maple-
Furniture parts, c...

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