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Poem Structure

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Poem Structure

This poem consists of 8 regular stanzas, each stanza being a quintet.
Throughout the poem, no particular rhyme scheme is conveyed and the
sentence length varies in each stanza. This poem is entirely
constructed in 1st person narrative.

Stanza 1

“I had grieved” – past tense – descriptive – suggests that sorrow was
previously present however there is none now. Description of graveyard
implies that this was a terrifying/chilling experience for her.

“Married” implies that she had wed the person she had lost. Next line
portrays that she must have got married on the day that her husband
died if she had ripped her wedding clothes from her body.

This stanza provides the reader with physicality by the use of the
words “ripped”, “howled”, “shrieked”, “clawed”, “retched” etc. -
onomatopoeic - portray a violent narrator. “howled”, “clawed” –

Repetition – “over and over”, “dead, dead”. – symbolise that she
thought of him repeatedly. This stanza displays as her almost hating
him because he died.

Sentence Structure – Short sentence to start – illustrates immediacy.
Long sentence follows – symbolising how long she has grieved over the
one she had lost – how long the process of recovery had been.

Language – emotional, aggressive, sinister, chilling.

Overall tone – depressing, graphic/gruesome.

Themes – death, sorrow, aftermath.

Stanza 2

Remains in past tense.

“Gutted” – associated with gutting fish – unpleasa...

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