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The Pros and Cons of the Internet

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet

Ten years ago, the Internet was practically unheard of by most people.
Today, the Internet is one of the most powerful tools throughout the
world. The Internet is a collection of various services and resources.
The Internet's main components are E-mail and the World Wide Web.
Actually, there's a lot more to the Internet than E-mail, search
engines, celebrity web sites, up-to-the-second sports scores, and chat
rooms full of discussions. The Net also ranks as one of today's best
business tools. Almost all households contain the Internet; however,
before people connect to the Internet, they need to be aware of its
disadvantages and advantages.

Many people fear the Internet because of its disadvantages. They claim
to not use the Internet because they are afraid of the possible
consequences or are simply not interested. People who have yet
connected to the Internet claim they are not missing anything. Today's
technological society must realize that it is up to them to protect
themselves on the Internet.

Children using the Internet have become a big concern. Most parents do
not realize the dangers involved when their children connect to the
Internet. When children are online, they can easily be lured into
something dangerous. For example, children may receive pornography
online by mistake; therefore, causing concern among parents
everywhere. Whether surfing the Web, reading newsgroups, or using
email, childre...

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