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Windows 2000 Professional Summary

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Windows 2000 Professional Summary

In this first part of class we covered the entire Windows 2000 Professional operating system. We covered everything that you would need to know to install, use and administer Windows 2000 Professional. All of the labs we did helped us further understand the Windows 2000 operating system. We did everything from installing Windows to encrypting files. I liked the labs where we had to set up user profiles and permissions. Philip was my partner for any labs that required a partner. The labs made for very good hands on experience with Windows 2000 and really helped me to know and understand the operating system much better.

Lab1: Installing Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional

The topic of lab one was to install Windows 2000 Professional. Once the jumper settings on the hard drive were set to cable select Windows could be installed. Before Windows was installed the hard drive had to be partitioned. Windows was then installed from a CD. The Windows 2000 Professional install is pretty easy. Setup gives you the option to create and format a partition, therefore eliminating the need to use fdisk. Going through Setup and all of the different options is also fairly easy. After Windows was installed it had to become part of a domain. I logged on as Administrator and added Administrative Tools to the Programs menu. After that I joined my computer to the domain. After that was complete I could then log on to the ...

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...bleshooting help file that can be used to find out what is wrong with device attached to the computer. I also used MMC to view system information like which IRQ is assigned to which device. I like that Microsoft added the Device Manager to Windows 2000. It makes installing, configuring and troubleshooting devices much easier.

Lab 39: Using the Windows Signature Verification Utility

In this lab I used the File Signature utility to view driver signing on my computer. This utility can also be used to troubleshoot driver signing. When the utility was finished a SigVerif message popped up telling me that all of my files were scanned and verified as digitally signed.


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