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Tom Sawyer

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Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer, the mischievous, adventurous boy, always was looking for trouble to keep his life interesting. Tom, along with his friends, Huckleberry Finn and Joe Harper planned adventures to keep themselves busy.

Tom, being the boy that always gets into trouble, was at the same time smart. He got out of his punishments, given by his Aunt Polly whom he lives with. His cousin Sid, whom he also lives with informed Aunt Polly with all of Tom’s mischief. Tom tried not only to get out of his punishments, but he tried to find ways to avoid school too.
Tom’s own adventures always get him in more trouble than expected. While on his way to the graveyard to find a cure to warts, he and his friend witness a murder. Trying to keep what they have seen a secret, Tom suffers with n...

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