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After School Programs

Many parents today are faced with the issue of after school programs. But are these programs what we really think of them? Are they helping or hurting our children? A lot of parents want their child to be involved in school and/or extra-curricular activities, but don’t want them to be overwhelmed; whereas other parents don’t seem bothered by the effects. This paper included information about after school activities and the effects they play in today’s modern society with children. So, what do these activities do for the children? Do after school activities for children help to enrich their social and physical skills for their life long interests?

A school program is defined as “community driven, expanded learning opportunities that support developmentally appropriate cognitive, social, physical, and emotional outcomes. In addition, these programs will offer a balanced program of academic support, arts and cultural enrichment, recreation and nutrition” (Coltin). These programs can run either directly after school, during evenings, weekends, summer vacations, and holidays. They are run by schools, community based organizations in the school, and community based organizations from a church or synagogue, or a private leader.

Since the community and government is so willing to get the students active in these after school programs, there is such a wide variety of different ones. With such a huge selection, it is merely impossible for someone not to find a program that would be right for their children. The activit6ies vary from religious clubs, to sports, as well as language based clubs, Sports offer a huge variety for students to get involved in. There are all boy and all girl sports, as well as co-e...

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... After School
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