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Integrating Curriculum, NY

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Integrating Curriculum, NY

Integrating curriculum is important in the teaching of subjects and the learning of material. The integrating of curriculum allows for many different disciplines to be applied at the same time yielding more topics to be learned at once. But how does it work? The point of this paper is to answer the question how and to shed some light on the ideas of integrated curriculum.

In the integration of curriculum, teachers teach more than one subject area at the same time. Any number of disciplines can be taught together. Science lessons can be integrated with math lessons and language arts lessons by finding common areas in which all three tie together. For example, if a teacher would like to teach a lesson on ecosystems, he or she might have the students write in journals as a form of language arts, graph data collected and estimate to have math as part of their lesson, and do an experiment for the science portion.

According to Fogarty (1991), there are 10 models of curriculum integration which are fragmented, connected, nested, sequenced, shared, webbed,...

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...ula on her/his own. This can be extremely difficult for the teacher.

These ideas are being taught to would-be-teachers in colleges across the nation. Shifts taking place in Education today stress combining curricula and move away from departmentalizing subject matter, as taught in the past. Isolation of the subjects does not allow learners to see the connections and relationships between the subject and the real world. Teachers are collaborating with other teachers to enrich learning and create more well-rounded learners and better students.

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