Factors Affecting Learning Essay

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Factors Affecting Learning

To distinguish a student by their learning style, there must first be a review of the student’s abilities and the factors affecting their learning. When reviewing these factors there will be a sense of when the students responses are more consistent and help a teacher figure out when a student learns the best and how they learn as an individual. There are six different things that could affect the learning of a student: brain processing, senses, physical needs, environment, social needs, and emotional attitudes (Creative learning,1997).

How a student processes information is determined by the left or right brain. A left brain thinker is very analytical. They tend to do things logically and step-by-step.
They concentrate hard on details and are highly sequential in taking in new information.
A student who thinks with their right brain is holistic, or thinks in wholes rather then analysis or separation of parts (Oxford, 2001). Right brain thinkers prefer a whole picture of an idea and not interested in the details. They also process information simultaneously. There are also reflective and impulsive thinkers. Reflective thinkers like to have time to consider and debate everything before making a decision. Whereas, impulsive thinkers make quick decisions with very little thought and based on very little information (Encarta, 2002).

There are four ways to learn with the senses. They are: auditory, visual, tactile, and kinesthetic. When asking an educator whether the all the students learn the same they will say “No”. However, that knowledge isn’t brought into a classroom. A classroom is normally 90% lecture and question and answering, but only two or three students will...

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