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Factors Affecting Learning

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Factors Affecting Learning

To distinguish a student by their learning style, there must first be a review of the student’s abilities and the factors affecting their learning. When reviewing these factors there will be a sense of when the students responses are more consistent and help a teacher figure out when a student learns the best and how they learn as an individual. There are six different things that could affect the learning of a student: brain processing, senses, physical needs, environment, social needs, and emotional attitudes (Creative learning,1997).

How a student processes information is determined by the left or right brain. A left brain thinker is very analytical. They tend to do things logically and step-by-step.
They concentrate hard on details and are highly sequential in taking in new information.
A student who thinks with their right brain is holistic, or thinks in wholes rather then analysis or separation of parts (Oxford, 2001). Right brain thinkers prefer a whole picture of an idea and not interested in the details. They also process in...

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