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Classroom Management

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Structure, praise, humor, firmness, patience, and high expectations: Welcome to the wonderful world of the classroom atmosphere. Imagine yourself in a classroom where your teacher is there for you, both academically and emotionally. That’s how a classroom should work for both the students and the teacher. Mrs. Mary-Kay Maurer is a perfect example of all of these qualities since she is what has motivated me to become the person I am. Her support as a teacher led me as a student to achieve my highest. Her way of showing me my way furthers the idea that students need a teacher with these characteristics to achieve their best. Therefore, the purpose of this research paper is to explore effective classroom management techniques that prepare the academic achievement of students.

Support from teachers:

A strong teacher makes the emphasis on the students. Teachers make sure they do this by making time for their students, which means having personal meetings with them. When teachers use their own time to help students, it further shows how supportive teachers are. Wh...

... middle of paper ...

...iety. Depending on a teacher’s style, a child could grow and look at problems differently than just being apathetic about a situation. When a teacher has an impact on a student, it lasts a life, just like Mrs. Mary-Kay Maurer did with her students. She taught them about English but still let them see how independent they were and let them grow into adults. Today’s teachers need to be more open-minded with students and form a bond with them. This way, students will appreciate what these teachers are doing for them in the long run of their lives.

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