Fishing – The Best Hobby Essay

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Fishing – The Best Hobby

Work—just the word is enough to make me nauseous sometimes. Look at the definition of the word: work—effort exerted to do or make something; labor, toil. It isn’t exactly the definition of fun. Okay, granted work isn’t always awful. There are plenty of people who like their jobs, and work can even be fun. But for the most part, we all know that we’d rather be doing just about anything other than working. Luckily for us, we don’t work all the time. No, we sleep, eat, drink, and have fun. How do we have fun? Well, some of us might get our pleasure from eating or drinking, sometimes a little too often. Others of us might have fun spending time with our companions or family, but usually when we think of having fun, we think of actually doing something: playing a game, reading a book, going swimming, whatever it may be. We call these ways that we have fun our hobbies. There are quite possibly an infinite number of hobbies. Who knows how many different ways there are for people to have fun. When it comes to me and my hobbies, however, there is one in particular that stands out above the rest. Fishing is definitely the best way to have fun. Fishing is the best hobby there is.

Why am I so excited about fishing? Why am I so certain that it is my favorite hobby? While I could go on and on about the joys of fishing, there are three major reasons why I think it’s so great. They are that it is a relatively inexpensive hobby, it is very easy, and, most importantly, there are so many ways, and so many people who can have fun doing it.

Fishing is cheap. If you’ve ever looked at a bait and tackle magazine, you might be thinking, yeah, right. You know, you’ve looked in one of those magazines and seen rods and reels that cost over a thousand dollars and lures that are upwards of twenty bucks, just for one lure. If you are thinking this, then you’re right. If you want to fish with professional quality equipment, you are going to spend those kinds of prices. But that’s true for any hobby; professional-grade equipment is going to be very expensive. An official major league baseball, identical to the ones they use in games, costs over ten dollars. When was the last time any of you went out and spent ten dollars for a baseball to play catch with. No, I’m not talking about being a professional fisherman; admittedly, that isn’t cheap. W...

... middle of paper ... as much fun just riding in the boat as you do catching fish. Another person might think of fishing from a boat, but that person’s perfect fishing trip might be floating in a canoe down a country river. Believe it or not, fishing can even be fun for people who are petrified of the water. Some of the biggest fish ever caught are hooked from riverbanks, fishing piers, or bridges, without the fisherman getting so much as a toe wet. This is why fishing is so great, and I’m not going to even bother comparing it to another hobby, because there is none like it. No, there is no other hobby that can be enjoyed by so many people, in so many places, for so many reasons.

As I said before, there are an infinite number of hobbies that people have and it’s very unlikely fishing is your favorite hobby. I’m sure you can spit right back in my face any number of reasons why your hobby is so great, and you’d probably be right. But before you do that, stop and think about this. Is your hobby or any other hobby you can think of as inexpensive, as easy to learn, or as enjoyed by so many different people as fishing? I doubt it. That is why I love fishing so much; that is why fishing is the best.

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