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Obesity in America

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How is it that a nation so obsessed with counting calories, cutting back carbs, and going on diets is so incredibly overweight? The United States is by far the heaviest country in the world. Almost two thirds of Americans are overweight and one third are obese (“Statistics…”). That’s a lot of fatties in a land of 281,421,906 people (“Question…”). On the surface, it’s simply bewildering as to why America is in such a state because this country is made of people from the rest of the world. However, eastern and western Europeans, Asians, Africans, South Americans, and Australians aren’t faced with even half the number of weight-related health issues that Americans encounter every day.

Other countries aren’t nearly as overweight as America: 5% of people in France are considered overweight or obese (“ObEpi 2003:…”), in Germany less than half of the population is overweight and only 11% obese (“Quickfacts…”), in Japan about 20% are considered overweight (“Criteria…”) and in England, 20 percent are overweight (“Tackling…”). So why are Americans so large? ...

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