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The Health Care Crisis

:: 4 Works Cited :: 11 Sources Cited
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It is hard to imagine life without health insurance. If you have any type of medical problem that requires attention, and you have appropriate health care insurance, you can be cared for in the finest of private hospitals. You can get great treatment and your ailments, depending on the severity, can be treated as soon as possible. Doctors, physicians and surgeons are willing to put out a big effort if they know that they are dealing with patients who are insured and have the money to go under extensive medical treatment. But imagine life without such luxuries. For example, what happens if a relative requires much needed surgery, but does not have health insurance to cover the procedure? What happens if a lack of medical insurance prevents you or your family from seeing a doctor, which could result in health problems that had not been identified but could have been treated before they became life threatening? These scenarios may seem far-fetched, but these types of situations happen to people who lack health coverage everyday. There is a true story about a patient w...

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...gton Post 12 Apr 2001. Lexis-Nexis. Gelman Library, Washington, D.C., 22 Apr 2002 <>.

Pratt, Jean D. The Study of the Area B Community: Support Program?s Attributes Compared to a Non-Community Supported Program for the Chronically Mentally Ill in the District of Columbia. Ann Arbor, Michigan: Microfilms International, 1981.

Schwartzman, David. ?Local Activists Fight to Stop Privatization of DC General Hospital? 10 May 2001. 3 Mar 2002. <>

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