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Poverty, Hunger and Malnutrition

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Poverty, Hunger and Malnutrition

Every morning when I wake up the first thought in my mind is usually: FOOD! I often lie in bed for a few extra minutes, planning out what I am going to eat for breakfast. Seldom as I go through this routine do I stop to think about those who are less fortunate than me. I often take for granted that everyone wakes up and eats breakfast. But this is far from true, not everyone shares the luxuries that we have in the United States. Some people wake up and wonder if they will eat at all that day, let alone eat breakfast. Why? Because food, like many other things, is unequally distributed throughout the world.

The struggle for enough food has gone on for centuries. Back in primitive days, the first task human beings undertook was the search for food. Primitive people were collectors, they would find what they could to eat and hope that it would be enough. When this failed to meet the population's needs, humans became hunters and trapped their food. Finally, some years later, humans began to farm the land. Because of the growing demand for food, thos...

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...e to provide enough food to feed and nurish their families, while fertile land is being wasted to grow flowers. Atrocities such as this are commited by the rich countries every day. We take from other less fortunate countries valuable resources that they truly need, though we have plenty of our own resources to work with. Perhaps if people in the US (as well as the other rich countries) began conserving more and wasting less on luxuries that we do not really need, we could take the first step towards helping those less fortunate than we are.

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