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Korean Pop (K-POP)

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Korean Pop (K-POP)

K-pop is short for K = Korean and pop = pop. So what is K-pop? Korean pop. But what really is it? It is the pop of Korea. (No one really knows.) However, there is evidence that it is used for non-ceremonial purposes on the historic peninsula of Korea.

Korean pop music happens to be very popular in Korea. It is most popular among the youth of Korea. For the purpose of clarity for this one-thousand-word essay, the youth is defined roughly as ages 0 - 22. Now, there is a phenomenon that occurs with Korean pop music and older Koreans. This phenomenon is a distinct characteristic of Korean pop that separates it from the older Korean pop music of the seventies. This phenomenon is that the older Korean people do not understand the words that come out of the mouths of the singers of Korean pop music that pumps out of the music industry of today in the nation of Korea. This phenomenon parallels that of the pop music of the biggest country of North America—also known by many humans as the United States of America—where older people have trouble connecting with the p...

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...d, leaving no further chance for the two stars to talk and the fans disappointed”.

In conclusion, K-pop is just like A-pop, with sometimes less talent, sometimes more. Only one thing is certain, eh-hem, analytic and a priori: What exists exists to not not exist. All else: non-analytic, non-empirical. In your head, son.


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