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I-Search Narrative

At the tender age of two I moved from a development in the town of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania to the vast stretches of farmland that make up the area between Mechanicsburg and the neighboring town of Dillsburg. It was not a big move distance-wise, but it would forever change my life. If I would have stayed where I was I would have went to a different high school, had a different set of friends, and who knows where I would be today. While I did not know it at the time, (I was only two, cut me some slack.) my family and I moved within earshot of one of the most prestigious dirt tracks in the country. Each and every Friday night from early spring to late autumn thousands of people congregate at this track surrounded by farmland. The name of this track is Williams Grove Speedway, and it has been the focus of many questions for me throughout my short life. Why do all these people flock to the middle of nowhere every Friday night? What exactly is going on there that makes enough noise to be heard miles away? What exactly is the attraction of this place so affection...

... middle of paper ... I can head down to the track and take in my first sprint car racing experience. I know it will be a great experience that will help me better connect with my friends and become more in tune with my community

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