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My Education

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My Education

When speaking of the topic of who a person is and their past, a massive part of this includes their educational background. Isn’t this what forms people, their education? Of course, this doesn’t always have to refer to their organized education. Everything that a person learns is something that educates them; these words being synonymous. Even something like first learning to tie your shoes is a part of your education. Which method works better for you: loop, swoop, and pull, or bunny ears? I of course, like any other well educated person, use loop, swoop, and pull; it’s just the best way, no bias has ever developed there.

I started out as a twinkle in my father’s eye in the fall of 1982, and then on that fateful day of July 20, 1983 I was born in the small town of Seward, Alaska. Coming into a world of beauty and ruggedness, I soon learned how to interact with the things around me. Never being a small person, smash and grab always seemed to be a good theory for whatever activity I pursued. Even though I may have got a few small scrapes and such along th...

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...rn from everything around them, and take in everything that they see, and learn from all of it. Hopefully, they get a good result so that they may be able to make a difference in the world around them. I feel that I have to tools to make the changes that I want, and the knowledge to know how to make these changes. I look toward the future with a bright outlook, and know that to keep learning is the key to making my bright outlook the truth. For my future and the future of people younger and older than me, education will always be the key.

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