Children and Culture Essay

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Children and Culture

As children we are automatically taught to be open-minded. We are taught not to stare at people which teaches us not to be disrespectful to one another. Also we are taught to respect and be kind to everyone regardless. As kids we are still untouched by he worlds ways of thinking and if we unattached our self’s from someone that’s of a different race it’s because we can't relate to them and we sill don't know how to handle ourselves in different situations. I believe it's still an unknown fact how some people grow up and become adults who want nothing to do with anyone that isn’t like them.

In one of our discussions in my RHT class Kathaleen Mayan wrote about a set of Asian triplets that weren't very out going, and very shy to the other children. She said "kids aren't cruel like they are when they’re older so none of the kids would make fun of them or make comments or anything like that to them when they tried to say something, they just didn't interact with them very much, because they couldn't communicate very well”. When I read this I just started to wonder what it is that makes use become the type of people that go out of their way to make sure other people know they're are different and don't fit in. What part of our growing up do we learn this trait, and is it nurture or nature?

I was born in Zerka, a small city in Jordan. My family and I moved to the United States when I was about four years old. After 14 years of living here and regardless on the numbers of trips to the Middle East I consider America to be my home. I love it here and don't see my self ever living anywhere else. I love how there are so many open-minded people and so many different religions and cultures interlocked. Yet reg...

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...e about how he wanted to keep America as a English/European country and stick to those languages, I responded to that saying “just like how he wants to keep his culture and upraising alive, we want the very same thing”.

There is always going to be Thomas Brays that have to be deal with, its just part of growing up in a foreign country. Regardless of the racism, hate, and discrimination, and regardless how much words really do hurt I see my self-lucky to have the chance to be able to write about the way I feel. Not all teenagers around the world have the chance to express their feelings on muliticulturesiam or any other issue, their forced to believe what their parents believe. Whenever I get upset with how closed minded some people are I just remind my self that at lest I the chance to do something about it, and I don’t have to just sit and take it.

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