Children: Tomorrow’s Future Essay

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Children: Tomorrow’s Future


Let children be children, is not only a popular phrase heard in education, but it is also my motto. Yes, it is true, today’s children are tomorrow’s future; but how we choose to raise our children determines the outcome of our future. Many believe academics should be stressed more in schools, taking away from children’s playtime. I feel that play is what molds a child. Play allows not only a child’s imagination to run freely, but builds and strengthens children’s motor, language, cognitive, and social emotional development skills. I believe that play; along with parental involvement forms a child’s identity. Play is what makes children: tomorrow’s future.

Motor Development

Motor Development is defined as “the development of skill in the use of the body and its parts” (Charlesworth, 2000.p.12). Motor development can be even further defined by dividing it into two main categories: (1) Gross Motor and (2) Fine Motor skills. Gross motor skills involve many different physical motives and activities. The ability to run, jump, build muscle strength, gain a sense of gravity, and a sense of balance all fall under the gross motor category (Woolfolk, 2001a). Fine motor skills involve all of the little small-muscle movements (Woolfolk, 2001b). Motor development is greatly used and emphasized during the early childhood years because this is the time of a child’s life when their brain is like a sponge absorbing all information they come in contact with, and developing the most in order to form a path to their future.

The early childhood years demonstrate many ways in which the motor skills are used and the many means of importance these skills display during these sta...

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...uce new ideas and concepts into children's minds. Teachers can play at the children's level of social interaction. All these strategies can be implied in everyday situations to help enhance children‘s play levels.


In conclusion, as we are traveling through the twenty-first century, we are approaching new technology, scientific research, and current and future world events, but the most important thing to keep in perspective are the children of today’s society. Children are our tomorrow, and our future. As children go through school, and people push for more academics to be taught, it is important to remember that too much is overload. Children can indirectly build on their developmental skills through the use of play. Play is something that should never be buried. Play is what forms a child’s identity; it is what allows a child to be a kid!

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