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Progressivism: A Better Approach to Education

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Progressivism: A Better Approach to Education

Being a student for the majority of my life, I had never fully understood why anyone would desire to be a teacher. But after four semesters at College, I am slowly changing my attitude. As an education major, I now attend real classrooms and observe the wonders of how a young child’s mind works. Through my observations in actual class settings, I have also come to realize how delicate a child’s mind is and that the slightest external influence can build or destroy that child. I too want to experience the joy and wonder of seeing a young ingenuous mind finally understanding a new concept. I want to see the student blossom and grow as a result of change and experience, not only in a classroom setting, but also through social interactions with his or her peers.

I believe these goals can be accomplished through progressivism's approach to education. This educational philosophy emphasizes democracy, student needs, and practical activities, and assumes that children learn best in a child-centered curriculum. By focusing on concepts the ...

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