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Go Kart History

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Go Kart History

Do you ever hear the word “karting”? Many people still don’t know what karting is. They try to relate it to the cart; the basket to take your things from the market with the wheels on it. In this situation, kart means the miniature of car racing, especially Formula One (F-1) cars. And karting means racing of using a kart. Maybe if I say “go kart”, you will know what I am talking about. Actually “go kart” is a trademark of karting. It is the manufacturing company that originated karting in 1958. The history and accessories of karting are important in order to get started in karting.

The history of the go kart is quite interesting. To begin with, there were two guys whose names were Duffy Livingstone and Roy Desbrow. They were partners in a muffler business in Monrovia, California. Both were experts in welding components. One time, they saw Art Ingle’s one off creation (model of the car). Then they were inspired to make their own versions. Duffy built a couple for their friends. And there was another guy whose name was Bill Rowles, a salesman of surplus materia...

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...e of one product was not widely acceptable. In other words, the laws for go kart franchises at that time was not fully generated. Money played a roll at that time. You could avoid the rule with money. The look of go kart is one of consideration. Your kart can be fast or beautiful or both of them. It all depends on the accessories that you have, but you need to figure out which accessories are right for your kart. Don’t spend your money on the things that are useless. And enjoy the go kart racing because it is the basis for Formula One racing.

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