Difference between Google, Msn, and Yahoo Essay

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Difference between Google, Msn, and Yahoo

When you are in hurry, which search engine do you choose in order to get the best result? Maybe you just use the one that is familiar to you. Google, Yahoo, and Msn are the three most common search engines that we use in daily life. Although Yahoo and Msn are not the top five of search engines (based on Feb 2003), we still use those because we are used to using those sites. In my personal experience, I also never realized why I use those search engines. I just use them because the first time I use I was told to use “” by my friend and it has become my habit. In this paper particularly, I will discuss how search engines work, and the similarities and differences of those three search engines. I hope based on the information I give, you will choose the right search engines in order to maximize your result and minimize your time.

First of all, I will talk about search engines. In general, there are three types of search engines. The first one is a crawler-based search engine. This term “crawler” is an acronym from “crawl” and “spider”. This system works like a spider that crawls through the sites, selects one, chooses one, and displays it. In other words, this search engine hires a special robot called a spider. It builds a list of words and notes which the spider finds, builds an index based on its own system of weighting, encodes the data to save space, and stores data for the user to access. Google uses this system. The next system is the human-powered directories implemented by Yahoo. This system has an open directory and subdirectory. This system is controlled by the user. The user must provide the website information including a right title and de...

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... consider when you choose which search engine. You might see less advertisement in Google than Yahoo and Msn. I think Yahoo has more advertisement in its website than the Msn. Sometimes, it is kind of cool because you can find a good deal such as cheap price in purchasing goods, getting hotels, apartments, and any other offers. But if you don’t have too much time, you might think the advertisement is irritating.

In my conclusion, the choice of internet search engine depends on the time I will spend and how well the explanation of the “keyword” that you are searching for. If you familiar with the subject you are searching for, you might use Yahoo. If you have a lot of time, you might use Msn because it provides more search results. And if you are in hurry, you might use Google.


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