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Holiday Shopping

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Holiday Shopping

As I skim through the Chadwick’s mail-order catalog, I come across a woman, who looks as if she is in her mid-thirties, standing outside on the snow-covered ground. Her gloved hand is arched back in a ready-to-throw position with a snowball resting in her palm. The woman is wearing a ¾ length gray wool coat and black leather gloves, which catches my eye. The serene, white-topped leaves of the pine trees lean in different directions, waiting for spring to arrive. “Winter is a breeze if you buy this coat” is the message I receive from this friendly-gestured woman. This warm, easy feeling especially comes into play during the holiday season when we buy gifts for our friends and family.

Shopping can be either a spiritual or an appalling experience. Shopping by mail or online seems suited to casual shoppers. It is a way to get what you need, without the long lines, angry customers and big crowds. This method is particularly more convenient during the holiday season when there is an excessive amount of chaos as people shop for their loved ones. To avoid al...

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...the holiday season when people feel that what they buy reflects how they feel about the people they buy presents for. If you feel that you must purchase a certain present that you know will be out of stock and hard to find, you are better off shopping online or by mail. Shopping online and by mail is becoming the new wave of shopping and it is a smart, convenient, and timesaving process.

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