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Scopolamine is in a family of anticholinergic hallucinogens along
with hyocyamine, and atropine. Although they can be synthesized in a
laboratory from various precursors, they are found naturally occurring
in four genuses of the Solanaceae (potato) family: Atropa, Datura,
Mandragora, and Hyoscyamus. People around the world have utilized the
effects of Scopolamine in manifold ways. Using extracts from Atropa
Belladonna which means beautiful woman, ancient Egyptian and Roman
women are supposed to have put the juice on their eyes leading to
larger pupils which was considered more beautiful. In more recent
times, the prolonged dilation of the pupils known as mydriosis, has
been effectively employed during opthamallogical procedures. Hamlet's
father in Shakespear's play was killed by "hebone" which is now
understood to have been Henbane, a Scopolamine containing plant in the
genus hyoscyamus. The witches of medieval times are thought to have
used ointments made of Atropa and rubbed on a broomstick to induce
feelings of flight and visions of travels to the Witches Sabbath.
Plants from the datura family were used by bands of thieves in India to
drug their victims into a stupor. It has also more recently come to
light that datura is a key ingredient in a paste used in Haiti to
maintain a lack of free will in people who had been resurrected from
their graves as Zombies to be enslaved for manual labor. The Oracle at
Delphi may have used datura to prophecy, while the the dung of beetles
fed datura was used to execute unfaithful lovers.

Scopolamine (C17H21NO4) is a heterocyclic compound with a single
chiral at its center bonded to a MeOH group. The Carbon makes up

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...Utility of Scopolamine.
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