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Gatlinburg, Tennessee

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Nestled in the Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg has become an area that East Tennessee State University students go to visit. Gatlinburg offers something for many; however, the city has some growing pains such as traffic and limited space. Thus, the city of Gatlinburg offers many things that a traveler could need and want, provided that he or she is willing to overlook the city’s rapid growth.

Entertainment in the area is targeted at a wide variety of age groups and interests that include some of East Tennessee State University students. Gatlinburg has many attractions such as Camp Thunder Fun Center, Fun Mountain, and Ober Gatlinburg. Camp Thunder, located on the main parkway, offers indoor go-karts, miniature golf, and a motion simulator. All these attractions cost $6.45 ( Fun Mountain also has go-karts, but in addition it offers bumper cars, a chair lift, and places to eat. Fun Mountain is a good location for families with children, and it is conveniently located at the main intersection in Gatlinburg (

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...ion brings the wedding to you. They offer services for $249 to $549 and have many options such as a unity candle, cake cutter, plume pen, limo service, and a guest book (

Gatlinburg, a town in the Smoky Mountains, is rich with things to do. The city offers a variety of restaurants, lodging, entertainment, and marriage facilities. Gatlinburg is a nice city to visit although it can cost quite a bit of money. This has become a common place of visit for East Tennessee State University students and others.

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