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Classroom Observation Report

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Classroom Observation
Mrs. Laners’ teaches first grade at Smallville Elementary School in Smallville, Ohio. Her class is made up of nineteen students, eight of which have been diagnosed with ADHD. In addition to ADHD one student has also been diagnosed as oppositionally defiant, meaning he does the opposite of what is being said to him. He is the only student to have his own desk; all other students have assigned seats along three long tables on one side of the classroom. There is no teacher assistant assigned to this classroom.
The classroom is bright, with one wall being made up of windows, the others have student’s work posted. There are signs to remind students of the rules, the alphabet and numbers are listed and placed where everyone is able to see them. Two dry erase boards are on opposite ends of the room. There is ample cubby space, one for each student to place personal items such as a coat or backpack. The science...

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...ther times she is probing students to think a little deeper into the assignment by asking them open ended questions about what it is they were writing about.
This observation made me think about my teaching statement I wrote at the beginning of the quarter and how I might change my thoughts on how a classroom should look after seeing one in progress. The classroom is no longer hours of pencil and paper work; it is a vibrant learning space with motion and commotion, all organized and supervised by a caring teacher.

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