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Pornography Essay

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Pornography is ripping apart our society. Although Christians are sometimes discus tied with the impact and apathetic about the need to control this menace. Pornography is a year business with close ties to organized crime. Pornography involves books, magazines, videos, and devices and has moved from the society into the mainstream through the renting of video cassettes, sales Of so-called "soft-porn" magazines, and the airing of sexually explicit movies on Cable television.

To some, pornography is nothing more than a few pictures of scantily clad Women in seductive poses. But pornography has become much more than just Photographs of nude women. Computer technology is providing child molesters and child pornographers with powerful new tools for victimizing children. Pornography as "the sexually explicit depiction of persons, in words or images, Sexual arousal on the part of the consumer of such materials. No one can prove those films with graphic sex or violence has a harmful effect on viewers. But there seems to be little doubt that films do have some effect on society and that all of us live with such effects.

The question of how society will function when all checks that a few thousand years of civilization have imposed have disappeared has yet to be answered. Society has been trained to view photographs as representations of Reality, but digital imaging has quickly tossed that mindset aside. The underlying Problem results in questioning of everyday events such as, the ability to look at a Photo and trust that the images we see are truly representative of the situation.

The ability to alter images can open creative outlets for photographers and In turn, produce better quality work. Any photog...

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...nities of the porno plague. We should express our concern to local Officials through letters and petitions about adult movie houses and bookstores in the community. But if we receive pornographic material in the mail, we should Report it to our postmaster and request that federal agents take action. One Important thing is not to patronize stores that sell pornographic materials. Consider organizing a boycott and pickets in order to get community attention Focused on the problem. And even try to start a neighborhood meeting or something to help out around the community.

To conclude this report pornographic material is hurting America but not in a big way and it is bringing us down as a society and not really being great role Models to our kids. Its might be a good thing to have and to some people might be A bad thing to someone. Thank you for reading my report.

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