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The Refrigirator and Today's Technology

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The Refrigirator and Today's Technology

Technology is omnipresent in our world. People often equate this saturation of technology to an increase in the standard of living, rarely, however, do they dissect the effects of specific technologies on fundamental behavior, like eating, sleeping and interacting with others. To explore the direct and indirect effects of a specific "advancement" is to uncover how and why people, Americans more specifically, have been converted from their puritanical ways to consumers, and what careers have been sacrificed for the goal of a supposed increase in luxury and free time. The refrigerator, for example, is an item in use in over 80 million homes in America alone. (Krantzburg 187-189) once considered a luxury afforded only by the wealthy, today nearly all American homes are equipped with what is perceived a "necessity".


The concept of refrigeration is not a new one. Refrigeration by means of natural ice has been employed for thousands of years. Ice cellars were used in China as early as 1000 b. c. (Grolier 331-334). More recently, n...

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...ier Inc.

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