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The View of Pacifism

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The View of Pacifism
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The question of whether or not going to war is appropriate is a pragmatic question that causes controversial answers. A great range of opinions exists to answer this question. The idea that war is never appropriate is called pacifism. Although pacifists have several beliefs in common, different varieties and different variations exist. "Pacifism is not a single unitary theory about war and peace but rather a collection of related theories… there are different varieties of pacifism" (Teichman 1). Pacifists portray a general rejection to the violence that takes place during war.

Particular religious beliefs urge us to consider violence to be wrong. An example is Buddhism. Buddha even believed that it was always wrong to kill animals. He held this conviction even in the case of attack, when killing an animal might be the only means of survival (Teichman 10). However, hating violence is not the same thing as pacifism. Pacifists are opposed to violence that takes place during a war. The word "pacifism" literally means "anti-war-ism" (Teichman 4).

Civilians completely uninvolved in a war effort are at a high risk of being killed or injured during a war simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. An example of this fact was the bombing that took place in Japan during World War II. Thousands were killed and injured in this incident. In her article, "Damages Caused by Atomic Bombs," Jane Mothra describes the devastating effects on the Japanese citizens during the bombing that took place in World War II. The United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, in 1945. The population dropped drastically, with approximately 140,000 deaths due to the bomb (Mothra, par. 6). N...

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...means to achieve this. The books of Isaiah claims in chapter forty-two, verse one, "that his Spirit will restore justice to our nations." This is another passage of Scripture that shows that God desires justice, and if that can only happen through war, then war becomes absolutely necessary to maintain peace in the long run.

Issues of war do not have any easy answers. War is obviously an extremely controversial topic, even among members of the same religious group. The most important factor in determining your own personal feelings toward the issue of war is education. Education is the most important factor that can help determine your own personal feeling towards the issue of war. When we are educated, we will have the power to examine, analyze, and critique our views. However, it is possible to be open-minded enough to investigate the other side with open eyes.

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