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Information Systems Ethics

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Information Systems Ethics

The area of Information Systems ethics has received a fair amount of attention in recent times. IS Professionals generally agree that we need adequate ground rules to govern the use of present day Information Technology. We have also recognized for many years the need to incorporate ethics into IS curricula. Current mechanisms which attempt to make IS professionals and students more sensitive to the ethical concerns within IT and IS may be too tightly focused in terms of both issues and audience, especially in the light of the rapid proliferation of Internet use.

To properly analyze the impact of the Internet on IS ethics, we would need to establish the appropriate context. To this end, this paper explores several aspects of computer ethics that are relevant to today's users of IT. For example, who are the people that need to be educated on these issues? What are the issues, and what has been the impact of the Internet on these issues? What are current attitudes, perceptions, and behavior in situations involving computer ethics, and what is the effect...

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...stated in the age of the Internet. There are too many people involved for us to remain unconcerned. It is probably not possible to develop comprehensive ethical guidelines to cover every possible situation of IT misuse. It is possible, however, to realize the pervasiveness and the magnitude of the problem. It is also possible to develop ethical guidelines on an ongoing basis to keep pace with changes in the issues. Finally, it is vital that these guidelines be a part of all school and college curricula rather than just IT related disciplines.

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