Essay on The Benefits of Shopping Online

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The Benefits of Shopping Online

As my fingers flutter the mouse across my computer screen, my mind is wondering in one-hundred different directions. I had just found out earlier at my sorority’s chapter meeting that we were having a semi-formal in approximately a month. Who could I invite? There’s that intelligent actor I met, no, he has a fiancé. What about the guitar player in my statistics class, no, I don’t really know him. What about that cute blue-eyed boy? He’d make a wonderful date because he is fun to be around and a great dancer. Would he go? More importantly, what am I going to wear?

I click on Internet Explorer and type in browser asks if I am trying to reach I click on the link and am brought to the title page. I click “shop A&F” and point to the women’s section. Links come up for various categories: shirts, skirts, shorts, jeans, accessories, et cetera. I love wearing skirts to date functions and when I clicked there, I found a fabulous red mini skirt. It was cute, sweet, fashionable, sassy, and fun. The cost was in my price range. I selected size small and clicked “Add to my shopping bag.” I decided to find a top to match. When I found one, I added it to my bag and clicked “view bag.” My bag displayed the two items and asked if I would like to continue shopping or visit the checkout. At the checkout, I filled shipping and billing addresses. This is perfect for me, especially since I send all of my bills to my house, and I send all of my packages to school. I typed in my credit card number and expiration date and then submitted my order. I was sent a confirmation via email and my clothing arrived within seven business days.

Shopping online can c...

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...s that do not fit. Many of my favorite pieces of my wardrobe were bought online.

Is shopping online better? This question may not be answered with a simple yes or no. It is really a matter of opinion based on a given situation. Is shopping online safe? From my survey, I would conclude yes. Any individual I contacted that had shopped online said that all of the items purchased arrived exactly at the quoted time. Greg, a marketing major, admitted, “Before, I did not trust the internet and would not think of putting my credit card number through. Now, if I needed something, security would not stop me from an online purchase.” For all of those who have never ventured to shop online, I would suggest it. Even if you do not continue this shopping process, it would give you an idea of how to purchase online. You may find a new, sometimes expensive, hobby.

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