Must Christians Chose Between Evolution and Creationism? Essay

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Must Christians Chose Between Evolution and Creationism?

The debate of evolution and creationism has extended since the beginning of time. In fact, it is not even as simple as these two opposing views. Each person seems to have formed their own theory which has a unique list of beliefs and dimensions. This makes a complex and difficult task when trying to find agreement between each of these unique theories. However, many Christians are finding it necessary to discover an alternative to the extremist views of evolution and creationism.

An article on the world wide web entitled the "Theory of evolution vs. creation," summarizes the debate between evolution and creationism. According to this article, the controversy between these theories began because of two differing beliefs on the meaning of life. It states that, "Evolutionists use the scientific method which assumes that everything happens as a result of natural forces, not by the command of a deity. They will usually trace origins back to the `big bang.' And when skeptics ask what happened before the big bang, scientists may offer some guesses, but will usually admit that they don't know." On the other side of the debate, the creation scientists believe that, "God created the universe, including the earth and its life forms. And when scientific skeptics ask who created God, creationists will usually reply that God has always existed and was not created."(OCRT,1996) A battle between the two theories erupts because evolution and creationism delve deeply into philosophical and theological conceptions. More likely than not, the evolution and creationism debate is an issue of religion. On religious grounds such as these, science is not prepared or adept to resolve the exi...

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