Essay on Scott Russel Sanders' The Men We Carry in Our Minds

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Scott Russel Sanders' The Men We Carry in Our Minds

In "The Men We Carry in Our Minds," Scott Russel Sanders tries to show how his views on men are completely different from the views that some women hold. He traces the problem to the country surroundings of his youth. He explains that the men he observed as a child were completely different from the men whom most women might observe. The differing viewpoints between him and the women he met in college caused him some grief. However, it was not so much an issue of gender, but an issue of class.

The very first men Sanders reports having seen, apart from his father, were the convicts and guards from the prison. He writes about the large contrast between the
roles of toilers and bosses found in them. Most of the men Sanders says he had contact with were physical laborers. Their jobs as farmers, welders, steel workers, and carpenters, according to Sanders, left them with a slightly deranged appearance. He notes that most of the men he met had a number of physical ailments, such as a recurring
cough, or back problems. He descr...

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