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We Must Stop Legislation to Ban Cell Phone Use While Driving

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We Must Stop Legislation to Ban Cell Phone Use While Driving

One out of two or about 129 Americans own a cellular phone (Grey 1). Cell phones began with only a select few could afford a cell phone. Today with one out of two Americans owning cell phones we must look at the benefits and downfalls of cellular technology. The issue of driving while dialing brings up the most controversy. The legislation in place to govern the use of cellular phones in certain cities is justified, but the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

The cell phone has been around since the fifties when they first had the idea from using CB radio frequencies. AT&T was the first to bring about the technology back in the late forties and early fifties. The FCC regulated all radio frequencies broadcast and limited AT&T to twenty-three phone calls simultaneously in the same service area. In the seventies the FCC later allowed more use of the radio waves. In the late seventies the first trials were made in Chicago with 2000 initial customers (Bellis 1). In the 1987 cellular customers hit one million. Toda...

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...n the car.

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