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Comparing Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia

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Comparing Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia

Why is it that Germany's fascism lasted a relatively short time
compared to Russia's communism? The regimes established under Hitler and
Stalin were incredibly similar with respect to the rise and control of the
state. Both systems were based on entirely different ideology and goals.
Hitler's Mein Kampf established the superiority of the German race and the
need to expand as wanted by God. Hitler wanted the world. The government in
Russia established by Lenin was based on a book called Communist Manifesto
by Karl Marx, a call to the proletariate to unite and rebel against their
selfish employers. It is my belief that Lenin had entirely good reasons for
doing as he did, and felt he was helping the world as apposed to Adolf
Hitler. Immediately after Lenin's death, a man very much the same in nature
as Hitler, Stalin, came to control the Bolsheviks and throw Russia in a
civil war in a quest for power. You now have two men of equal aspirations
soon to be in control of two very similar governments.

In any rise ...

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...anted to defend
herself from Capitalism.

The resulting governments evolving from the two different systems of
thought were very similar. But as one can see, the aspirations were
radically different. Hitler was a threat to everyone and needed to be dealt
with. Russia kept to themselves and bothered no one. A Cold War ensued with
Russia complete with the irrational fear of Communism, McCarthyism, and a
peace time build up of weapons followed. Germany was crushed in battle and
Russia's Iron Curtain is being pulled down as I write.

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