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Humorous Wedding Roast by a Friend of the Groom

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Humorous Wedding Speech by a Friend of the Groom

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen - I must admit to being rather nervous about today's speech. As it’s a family occasion, the last thing I want to do is cause offence by talking in too much detail about Brian’s colorful past. I’ve therefore decided to edit out anything that might cause offence. So thank you very much and have a wonderful evening!

Sit down.
Stand up and continue.

I read somewhere that you can flesh out your speech by researching which famous people were born the same day as the groom (bridegroom), and make some sort of link. Well, Brian was born on 9th January 1976, just 24 hours after a whole host of famous and interesting people - musical luminaries such as Bowie and Elvis, and the modern day Einstei...

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