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1923 in the United States

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            1923 is the year that changed everything in technology, medicine, sociology, entertainment, and transportation. 1923 was part of the “roaring twenties” when the economy was soaring and social changes were evident. It was a time of prosperity and new ideas.
            Before 1923 the only means of reaching a immense audience was through newspapers or word-of-mouth. With the new technology of radio broadcasting in 1923, it was possible to reach the vast majority of the United States’ population. On July 1, 1923 AT&T established the first permanent radio network, WEAF NY and WMAF Mass, that linked broadcasting stations (White). The first radio station to air was 3AR and it started transmitting music, news, and race results. In December of 1923 President Calvin Coolidge made the first presidential address on radio.
            Many advances were made in medicine during 1923. For the discovery of insulin, Banting and Macleod shared the Nobel Prize (Pearson). They discovered the pancreatic extract to treat diabetes, which was a deadly disease that effects blood sugar levels. This life saving medicine was made widely available to diabetics in 1923 in the form of purified extracts of the hormone insulin (Caster-Perry). This once fatal disease was now controllable.
            A breakthrough came about when Madsen developed an inactivated whole cell vaccine against pertussis also known as whooping cough (“Medindia”). Nearly all children developed this illness before the immunizations were available. It’s estimated that between 150,000 and 260,000 cases were reported each year and up to 9,000 pertussis-related deaths (“CDC”).
            Another advancement in medicine was the development of a vaccine for Diphtheria. Diph...

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